Trainer and Training Approval System

Alabama Pathways to Quality Care and Education is designing a statewide trainer and training approval system to support early childhood and school-age practitioners. The trainer and training approval system, once developed, will be based on input received statewide from numerous sources including professionals involved in the training of early childhood professionals and school-age care practitioners. The goal of the Trainer and Training Approval System is to improve the quality of training received by early childhood and school-age practitioners.

Trainer Approval

Trainers serve a vital role in the field of early childhood and school-age care. They provide training, mentoring, coaching, consultation and technical assistance to practitioners at every level including: direct service workers, aides, assistant teachers, teachers, school-age and family child care providers; directors and administrators; parents and families; community members; and trainers and educators.

Quality training relies on trainers who have background content knowledge and training skills. Quality trainers apply knowledge to practice, effectively communicate knowledge and skills, facilitate adult learning, and are committed to strengthening children, families and communities. Trainers must have experience and training in early childhood education or related field and/or be qualified in their area(s) of expertise. In addition, they need to know adult learning theory, have course design skills, have well-developed communication, collaboration and presentation skills. Trainers must be trained in diversity and be culturally competent. They need to have clear learning outcomes and valid ways to evaluate them and be open to feedback on the content and delivery of their training. The Trainer and Training Approval System is being developed to help trainers achieve these goals.

Training Event Approval

Training approval requires consistent standards for training events and programs. Quality training has learning outcomes that meet standards; link training to the Alabama Pathways Core Competencies; and incorporate principles of adult learning. A system of training approval promotes quality training opportunities statewide; increases the level of consistency within the training process across the state; makes sure all required courses have a syllabus/course plan; ensures that learning outcomes meet the needs of specific curriculum requirements; requires that learning be assessed; and sets standards for timely evaluation of training and trainers.

Trainer Resources

Blooms Taxonomy of Educational Objectives is a model that is a hierarchy – a way to classify thinking according to six cognitive levels of complexity (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, & evaluation). Click here for more information on Blooms Taxonomy.

Principles of Adult Learning will deepen your understanding of how adults learn best. There is valuable information from what motivates the adult learner to learning tips for effective instructors.

Pathways Resources for Instructors A helpful guide for Trainers. Download Here

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