Benefits of Participation

Pathways to Development

Alabama Pathways is a central resource to help those serving Alabama’s children and families meet career development goals by providing services and unique benefits, including:

Education icons setCore Knowledge Areas & Job Competencies – ensure that early care and education professionals, policymakers and advocates are familiar with the foundational core knowledge and skills of those who care for young children and families


Education icons setProfessional Development Lattice – recruit, support and retain professionals by identifying pathways for career advancement and movement between positions for early care and education and school-age care professionals


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Recognition Levels and Credentialing – direct professionals to agencies and organizations that provide training and education and award credentials, enabling professionals to obtain meaningful credentials, degrees and support for increased compensation


Education icons setEducation and Training Resources – coordinate, improve and increase access to education and training required for continued work or advancement in the field, both online and through agencies, organizations and educational institutions that provide professional development opportunities


Education icons setFinancial Assistance & Scholarship Opportunities – identify potential sources for financial assistance to obtain training and education in early childhood and school-age care.

Pathways to Support

As a central resource for those who currently work or desire to work in the field of early care and education, Alabama Pathways offers benefits to anyone seeking professional development opportunities including:

Experienced Professionals – Alabama Pathways makes it easier for early care and education professionals to locate degree programs, giving them a better sense of requirements and access to further education and training opportunities.

Entry-Level Professionals – Alabama Pathways provides entry-level staff with formal training, bringing more qualified individuals into the field.

Trainers – Alabama Pathways supports trainers in designing courses to ensure that students completing programs are competent and that course content is appropriate

New or Aspiring Applicants – Alabama Pathways provides advisement on clear pathways for education and training by listing core competencies, credentials, and one-stop access to information on career options in the early care and education field.


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